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Terah Releases New Single “Landmines”

Landmines Terah Lynn Jeff Huskins Music Row

Recorded on Music City’s infamous Music Row at Sound Stage Studios, “Landmines” was written as Terah’s gritty take on the relationship topic of “triggers.” An impressive mix of southern and country rock, the track was produced by Jeff Huskins, former member of the multi-platinum selling band, “Little Texas” known for such hits as “God Blessed Texas” and “What Might Have Been.”

Terah has garnered national attention as the “Blue Collar Barbie,” being known for bringing her blue collar roots and hard work ethic to the music industry in a way that has never been seen before. Formerly a construction worker, Lynn would write songs in her head while working hard labor as everything from a roofer in West Virginia to a sheet-rocker in Houston to digging ditches in Kemah on the Gulf Coast.

While many southern artists sing about country life and working their fingers to the bone, Terah Lynn has actually done it. After being hired as the first female supervisor in the history of Gibson guitar’s lumber mill, Terah made her way to Nashville where she began recording new music to be released in 2022. She also serves as the Editor- In-Chief of Nashville’s Bridge Music Magazine, partnered with Universal Music Group.

With a voice that has been likened to Melissa Etheridge, Tracy Chapman, and Bonnie Tyler, Terah Lynn brings Appalachian grit to “Landmines” to create what is sure to be a spring hit.

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